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Photo by Larsen Sotelo
Model Kelly Bryant


Photo by Larsen Sotelo

Model Kelly Bryant

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Serial Killer I.Q.

Serial killers are commonly portrayed in the media as being highly intelligent (e.g., column by Dr. Joyce Brothers in on 8-14-2007). This portrayal is perhaps due to the media focusing on serial killers such as Ted Bundy and mythical serial killers such as Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs).

We were able to obtain IQ information on 202 serial killers

  • When taken as a whole, serial killers appear to be of normal IQ

Median = 89.0, Mean = 95.1
Low was 57 (Simon Pirela)
High was 165 (Theodore Kaczynski)

  • As expected, IQ varied by the type of serial killer

Raped victim:
Yes: Mean IQ = 94.2
No: Mean IQ =  96.3

  • Method of killing

Stab: Mean IQ = 96.0
Multiple methods: Mean IQ = 98.0
Strangle: Mean IQ = 97.9
Shoot: Mean IQ = 93.0
Bludgeon: Mean IQ = 86.3
Bomb: Mean IQ = 140.3

  • Motive

Financial Gain: Mean IQ = 90.9
Enjoyment: Mean IQ = 100.4
Anger: Mean IQ = 101.1

  • Type

Organized: Mean IQ = 99.6
Disorganized: Mean IQ = 93.2

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Nightshot: Jan 21st. Before the snow.Cage match: “MTA vs. FDNY”


Nightshot: Jan 21st. Before the snow.

Cage match: “MTA vs. FDNY”

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Japanese dive bomber


Japanese dive bomber

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